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Tango Argentino


Best Friends Animal Society published "Animal-Loving Tango Dancer: My story: Best Friends volunteer Chelsea Eng" (July 2018)

Small Pet Select published Chelsea's article "From Grief to Grace" online (April 2018)

Animal advocacy magazineHouse Rabbit Journal
published Chelsea's article "From Grief to Grace" in print on pages 12-13 of the Winter 2016 issue, available for purchase

The Queer Tango Book published Chelsea's article 'Tango Con*Fusión turns 10'

The Queer Tango Book - Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century

Edited by Birthe Havmoeller, Ray Batchelor and Olaya Aramo

Published by, March 2015

Ebook and PDF

ISBN 978-87-998024-0-1 (HTML)

ISBN 978-87-998024-1-8 (PDF)

In Dance, San Francisco's dance newsletter 

  • published Chelsea's commentary on page 11 of May 2016 issue focused on Women in Dance
  • published Chelsea's article 'Tangoing Through'on page 15 of the January/February 2011 issue
  • published Chelsea's 'Favorite Dance Moment of 2008' on page 3 of the December 2008 issue:

One of my favorite dance teachers, Mary Rotella, once observed that we dance with most abandon alone, in our living rooms. In late September, I found myself dancing with my tango partner in Erin Mei-Ling Stuart’s living room – in an improvised installation performance for Stuart’s Keyhole Dances, set in her Victorian flat. When not a single roving audience member was peeping into our room, my right foot had an epiphany. It found a new ‘adorno,’ a fresh way to express itself within my 14-years-&-counting tango. Only the plants on the mantle may have noted my mini-breakthrough, but it was real. So was the setting. I had long hoped to work with Stuart, and I was… Calmed by the reminder that sometimes things do sort out and the dearly desired does happen, my recently shaken heart found reassurance. One second of movement, followed by a few seconds of awareness, restored me to peace – for a moment, anyway.

Chelsea Eng & Count Glover ~ Installation performance/ Keyhole Dances